What are the effects of surface oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles?

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Update time : 2022-01-13 16:09:32

Industrial aluminum profiles are so popular, and its own high hardness, convenient connection and other advantages, there is another aspect is the surface after anodic oxidation treatment, will form a layer of protective film, so you do not need to paint, late maintenance cost is low. So what is the role of surface oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles? The following xiaobian will give you a specific explanation.

1, improve corrosion resistance.

In fact, aluminum alloy profiles are a kind of corrosion resistant metal, because aluminum is very active, especially easy to produce alumina chemical reaction with oxygen in the air. And the alumina film is transparent, so the human eye is very difficult to see. This thin layer of alumina film just isolates the air so that the aluminum matrix is no longer oxidized, so it plays a role in corrosion resistance. So naturally generated oxide film can play an antioxidant role, why also need anodic oxidation? On the one hand, it is because of the uneven oxide film formed naturally, resulting in different shades of aluminum alloy surface color, more ugly; On the other hand, naturally formed oxide film is very thin, easy to be scratched, corrosion resistance is relatively weak. The anodic oxidation produced by artificial oxidation film, uniform, compact and more corrosion resistant.

2, improve wear resistance.

Aluminum profiles are particularly vulnerable to scratches and wear, and the hardness of aluminum alloy is not comparable to that of steel. The surface of the anodized industrial aluminum profile is very hard, and the hardness of the oxide film can reach 300HV. So very wear-resistant, not easy to scratch.

3, improve the decorative.

Decorative aluminum surface coloring aluminum profile before anodic oxidation sealing, the surface will have a lot of dense pores, it is easy to adsorb some metal salts or dyes, so that the surface of aluminum products form colorful colors.

4, improve insulation.

We know that aluminum conducts electricity very well, but aluminum profiles need to be insulated in some situations. Anodized aluminum profile oxide film is not conductive, so if you need to use insulation occasions need to anodized treatment.

5, for the paint base.

Some industrial aluminum profiles need to be painted on the surface. The gap of the anodized aluminum profile surface has strong adsorption, so that the painting is more uniform and beautiful.

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